Llandudno Pump Station – Waste Water

Llandudno Pump Station – Waste Water
Llandudno Pump Station - Waste WaterThe existing installation used two dry well waste water pumps to transport raw effluent to a nearby treatment works. The existing pumps in operation used a two-channel NP anti-clogging design impeller.

The site, however, failed on a regular basis, due to regular blockages and the limitations of power supply to the station wouldn’t facilitate the use of larger units –the station contracted to Arfon for maintenance and running, was incurring unsustainable costs and frequent downtime.


Existing Equipment:

Waste Water Pump2 x waste water pumps, with DN100 intake & discharge
Head: From 9 mtr to 21mtr closed valve
Flow: 40 l/S max
Power 6.3kW at duty point
Efficiency: 62.5%


Wilo carried out an application analysis of the site and concluded that the best results would be achieved with an increased unit size –however the power supply available would not allow this option. It was therefore agreed that we would engineer a standard stock waste water unit with a two channel solids impellor, and ceramic construction for the volute lining and impellor, also a coolact motor was used to increase the thermal capacity of the motor to reduce tripping out issues.


New Equipment

Waste Water Pump1 x waste water pumps, with DN100 intake & discharge
Head: From 4 mtr to 22.7mtr closed valve
Flow: 60 l/S max
Power 5.9kW at duty point
Efficiency: 74.9%


The motor has an internal cooling pump to reduce the running temperature of the motor winding, this assists the electrical efficiency as well as the life expectancy of the winding, while helping to protect against overload situations and maintain asset availability.

internal cooling pumpThe unit was supplied with adaptor kits to ensure that no engineering was required to fit the unit. Fitted late in 2010, the pump has not failed in operation since installation.(the second non-Wilo unit has failed on numerous occasions since only one pump was changed to gauge results)

The additional benefits of using this unit has been the easy installation, the rapid build availability, the reduced electrical consumption, with a wider hydraulic application range, and improved free passage.

The unit was also supplied with a two year warranty for repair / spares and service in recognition of the manufacturer’s confidence in the pump’s ability to survive the hostile application requirements of this particular site.

Despite initial resistance to use the Wilo-EMU unit, working together with the site operator, Arfon and Wilo have been able to demonstrate their engineering ability, and resolve a long-standing issue with the station.



The FA10 allowed for a greatly increased free passage, reduced power consumption, increased operating range, reduced ownership costs and greatly improved reliability. After installation analysis allowed Wilo to offer a two-year warranty for this application.

In addition to this, the use of ceramics within the volute has allowed for a significantly increased operational life, while still achieving targeted capital costs.


Product Installed: 1 x FA10.34-246E / T17.2-4H ex