Hidrostal Pumps

Hidrostal Pumps
Hidrostal Pump are renowned throughout industry for their unrivalled ability to pump slurries and sludge.
For sustained performance and maximum reliability, Hidrostal units are difficult to better, being able to pump everything from clean water to sludge, sewage and slurries.

Hidrostal Pumps are precision manufactured and are of exceptional high quality and reliable. They feature the screw centrifugal impeller developed and designed by Hidrostal hardwearing cast iron parts and corrosion resistant materials throughout. Hidrostal submersible pumps are used across many industries for aggressive slurries found in quarries, sand pits, tunnelling and mining environments, effluent treatment works and process plants.

Hidrostal have a pump for many arduous applications and to cover most eventualities. From clean and waste water and solids handling to fish friendly pumps. The pumps in their extensive range are:
Hidrostal Pump

  • Clean Water
  • Waste Water / Sewage
  • Biomass
  • Solids Handling
  • Sludge / Viscous Handling
  • Low Shear Pumping
  • Delicates Handling

Combined with their high level of service and expertise, Hidrostal and Arfon are the natural choice for pump solutions.

We select the most suitable pumps to undertake sludge and slurry pumping duties. This, together with our technical expertise and experience, means that we ensure that the right pump is selected for your application. We have a passion for our business which is reflected in the continual growth of our quality staff and loyal customer base.

Pumps types from Hidrostal

  • Hidrostal PumpPumps types from Hidrostal
  • High Head Vertical Turbine
  • End Suction Pumps
  • Dry Well Submersible
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Fish Friendly Pumps
  • Food Pumps
  • Prerostal
  • Diesel Driven Pumping
  • Tank Mixing
  • Axial Flow
  • Self-Priming Pumps

Arfon Rewinds have over 40 years of experience and have a proven track record of pumps and pumping systems. We fully understand our clients’ needs and their service requirements. We are well known and for the quality of our workmanship and our high level of customer service, and we are justly proud of our well-earned reputation for delivering and meeting customer requirements.