Installation & Refurbishment

Pumping Station Installation & Refurbishment
Arfon Pumping Station Maintenance and Sewage division was established to support the increased demand in this market.

The Arfon team have the experienced knowledge and technical expertise to assist you with requirements from a single pump up to a fully packaged pumping station.

We also provide pump installation services as an installer, sub-contractor or main contractor.  We are pleased to work with all industry sectors.


Why use a packaged pumping station?

Packaged pumping stations are specifically designed to accommodate surface water, foul water and raw sewage when access to the main sewer system is not possible.

Used primarily in applications where waste water removal is either difficult, or not possible due to not having a poor or lack of gravity supply / outfall to the source chamber or sewer network.

The Wilo packaged pumping stations is a contained unit, designed for easy installation and for undertaking routine maintenance.

Each packaged station includes everything you’ll need for managing waste water in an efficient and reliable process. They include pipework, valves, electric submersible pumps, control panel and importantly, the containment vessel itself.


Refurbishment of existing pumping stations

WILO PPSMany old sewage pumping stations contain dry well type pumps with extended shafts, which require continual day to day on-site maintenance. Replacing these old spindle pumps with either dry or wet well submersible pumps provides many features in reducing maintenance costs and improving pumping efficiencies.

Arfon Pumping Station Maintenance have successfully refurbished many pumping stations by replacing dry well shaft pumps and ageing submersible pumps.

We also provide service such as:

  • Level control and control panel upgrades.
  • Replacement of aged / fatigued rising main pipework and replacement valves.
  • Replacement of guide rails, lifting chains and lifting davits, etc.


The refurbishment of your pumping dtation can provide:

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced plant and pump failures
  • Remote monitoring through telemetry
  • Increased efficiencies by reducing both running and operational costs
  • A pumping station, which can easily be serviced and maintained
  • Future proofing the pumping station against obsolescence
  • Bringing up your pumping station to meet current legislation
  • Reducing the risk of pollution incidents and Environmental Agency fines / penalties, etc.