Wilo Pumps

Wilo Pumps
Arfon Pumping Station Maintenance are an authorised utility partner, installer and distributor for Wilo Pumps and Pumping Systems.  With the combined support of Wilo, we can design, install and maintain pump systems, sewage systems, sewage treatment plants, and wastewater pumping systems to suit your requirements.

Wilo is a manufacturer that is recognised by quality, extended life and well-engineered pumping products and solutions. Using only the finest of materials, designed for reduced energy and ease of maintenance Wilo products are built to last.

The Wilo range of products cover a broad range of applications in industry, waste water, potable water, commercial and domestic applications.

The Wilo range includes: 

  • Below Ground Packaged Pumping Stations
  • Mixer and Agitators
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Borehole Pumps
  • Split Casing Pumps
  • Booster Sets
  • Wash Down Units
  • For other Wilo products please contact us.


Wilo Products

Wilo-DrainLift BoxWilo-DrainLift Box

Small sewage lifting unit for concealed floor installation.


For concealed floor installation, can be used to drain

  • Rooms subject to possible flooding
  • Garage entrances
  • Basement stairways
  • Showers, washbasins, washing machines, dishwashers

Special features / product benefits

Pumping of pre-cleaned sewage without faeces (according to DIN EN 12050-2) that cannot be piped to the sewer system through using natural falls.

Technical data

  • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Mains connection cable 10 m (5 m with 40/10), with shock-proof plug
  • Operating mode S3 -25%
  • Fluid temperature max. 35 °C, with 32/8 and 32/11 for short periods (3 min) 90 °C
  • Pressure port Ø 40 mm
  • Inlet connection 100 mm
  • Ventilation connection 100 mm
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Gross tank volume 85 l
  • Switching volume 22 l, 30 l with 40/10


Wilo-DrainLift M

Sewage lifting unit as single pump system or double-pump system


Sewage lifting unit for drainage of residential housing and commercial buildings (e.g. restaurants, department stores, etc.). Raw sewage that cannot be piped to the sewer system using natural inclines and sewage from toilet systems below the backflow level are to be piped to the public sewer system by means of an automatic lifting unit in accordance with DIN EN 12056/ DIN 1986100. Sewage containing mineral oils or explosive admixtures must be guided through oil precipitators and/or petrol precipitators; those containing fatty substances must go through grease traps and those with sand through grit chambers. In cases where the flow to the lifting unit must not be interrupted during normal operation, one lifting unit must be equipped with a second pumping unit that has the same performance capacity and switches on automatically when needed (DIN EN 120501 A1).

Special features / product benefits

Pumping of sewage containing faeces (according to DIN EN 12050-1) that cannot be returned to the sewer system using natural falls, and for the backflow resistant drainage of discharge points below the backflow level (according to DIN EN 12056-1).

Technical data

  • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz or 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption P1 = 1.3 kW
  • Cable length from system to switchgear 4 m / plug cable 1.5 m
  • Operating mode S3-15%, 80 sec
  • Fluid temperature max. 40 °C, for short periods (3 min.) 60 °C
  • Max. ambient temperature of 40 °C
  • Free ball passage 45 mm
  • Pressure port DN 80
  • Inlet connection DN 40 / DN 100 / DN 150
  • Ventilation connection DN 70
  • Min. suction head (installation level to middle of inlet) 180 mm
  • Protection class (without switchgear) IP 67
  • Gross tank volume 62 l to 115 l, depending on type
  • Switching volume 24 l to 40 l, depending on type